Benches and Stools

We’ve added new designs to our collection this year, we have ‘Pandora’ for instance a long upholstered box with a lid on closing arms that could be used in a hotel at the bottom of a bed to both sit on and store extra pillows and blankets, whist it could also be used in a school for children to sit on and again storage gym equipment sports wear and sports shoes.

We have a new stool call ‘Hillary’, that is available on glides or braked castors and can be upholstered in two colours of the same fabric in a quadrant format which would be ideal for schools to depict their house colours of football teams to depict their strip, when we design a new product it is our intention to make it appealing an dual purpose if possible so that their is a reason behind each piece be it to sit on, rest on, lean in, perch on, or lounge on.