Flo Wall Mounted Bench

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Flo wall mounted bench has been purposefully designed with the NHS in mind where there is a need to be able to clean floors well. So Flo has no legs and is bracketed to a solid wall to allow access underneath. The seat is designed to be both comfortable and practical as it sits 30mm away from the wall to allow for cleaning to take place easily. Each module is 1800mm long and comes with an independent back that is also fixed to the wall. Arms are also available too, if required, allowing the user to more easily reach a standing position. The system comes in three standard soft, pale colours, or can be specially ordered in a specific finish. The bench comes with its own fixings and a crib sheet detailing how to secure the bench to a solid brick or block wall.

Standard size: 1800mm (w)

Citrus Seating Flo Wall-Mounted Bench Seating

Citrus Seating Flo Wall-Mounted Seating Bench

Citrus Seating Flo Bench Seating Wall-Mounted

Citrus Seating Wall-Mounted Seating Flo Bench

Citrus Seating Flo Seating Bench Wall-Mounted

Citrus Seating Wall-Mounted Seating Bench Flo

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